Why Do We Crave Sugar, And How To Beat The Sugar Habit

Sugar cravings can start with mistakes we make when we are younger. We have all heard the term “eating junk food

This not only applies to fast food but all the chips, pop and chocolate bars we ingest due to the flavor.

Why Do We Crave Sugar

Over the years, we end up causing sugar imbalances in our bodies.

When we eat something laden with sugar, our blood sugar is driven upwards. Think of as a thermometer that rises, as the sun gets stronger.

Our internal self-help kicks in and releases insulin to drop the blood sugar level before it hits the danger spot.

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The only problem here is that the insulin release can bring the sugar levels down below the perfect levels, causing a severe sugar craving.

As this continues to happen in your day to day life, it is like a roller coaster effect, as your sugar levels go up and down.

This is unhealthy and can cause damage to the body.

One step that can be taken to get this under control is to very aware of what you eat during the day. Ingesting healthy fats and proteins on a proper eating schedule will help keep the body from producing too much insulin.

This has to be combined with really limited amounts of sugar or preferably no sugar at all.

The discussion of a proper eating schedule can be exciting. Many people believe you need a big breakfast to start the day off right.

How To Beat The Sugar Habit

For those who study nutrition, this is far from reality. Food should be eaten in moderation at all times. Skipping meals is not advised, unless you are doing it for a short period, such as in the Sugar Detox.

Three light meals a day, with healthy, non-sugar snacks in between, will benefit you in proper insulin levels and beating the sugar addiction.

With sugar in your diet, your energy levels also fluctuate.

It not unusual to see someone reach for a chocolate bar or a can of pop because they feel tired at work. They want to complete their tasks but feel they do not have the energy and are unmotivated.

Quick sugar fixes for energy lead to sugar crashes and sometimes headaches.

The way to maintain your energy level is by eating foods that stay in your system and slow drip the energy.

When you cut out the sugar, your body looks for energy in other foods. Eating a diet of healthy fats gives your body the fuel it needs.

Think of your body as a furnace that needs to burn fuel to heat the house.

Fuel is fed into the furnace on a slow and steady basis, instead of a massive injection. Your body reacts positively when it searches and finds energy from healthy fats.

Great sources of healthy fats are avocadoes, nuts, and virgin olive oil. In the morning, you could have some avocado for breakfast and snack on some nuts two hours later.

Want some lunch?

How about a nice green salad, with virgin olive oil instead of the store, bought sugar-laden dressing. As you work your way through the day, ingesting healthy fats on a schedule, you give your body the proper fuel.

As we head into lunch, a skinless chicken breast with that green salad will give you some protein.

The protein keeps you from feeling hungry, and as it leads to your brain, it helps get the dopamine released. Dopamine makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Finishing the day off with a supper that combines healthy fat and protein, will keep all systems running at a balanced level.

This means you will feel satisfied, and your overall outlook on life will be positive. This is huge when it comes to getting rid of those sugar cravings.

When we are out of balance mentally and physically that we crave a quick sugar fix to get immediate relief, that makes us crash and burn.