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  • Healthy Eating Quiz

    FoodForLife: Healthy Eating Quiz

    Your health is essential. Below are a brief set of questions that will test your knowledge about your health. Make sure not to leave any question unanswered.  Taking the following quiz will benefit you as it offers you with useful feedback determining whether you understand clearly the importance of health. The quiz is composed of […] More

  • Emotional eq

    What is Your Level Of Emotional Intelligence?

    Emotional Intelligence (also known as the emotional quotient, or EQ) has been defined by John Mayer in a counterbalance to intelligence quotient, or IQ. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions. This helps in relieving stress, effective communication, empathizing with others, overcoming challenges, and defusing conflicts. To develop harmoniously, […] More

  • keto

    Keto or Not?

    Adhering to the ketogenic diet in the most accurate way possible will help assure you are optimally achieving a state of ketosis, where you’re burning fat and losing weight. Select YES or NO the items you think are part of the ketogenic diet. More