Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Self-esteem and self-confidence are two different concepts that are often merged and misused. Lots of people are using these concepts in an improper way, which leads to a misunderstanding once presented in other fields.

Given that, we are going to discover the difference behind these two concepts for us to have a deeper understanding of it. 

We are going to examine every inch of information linked to these concepts to prevent future misuse or misconceptions about it.

Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

With the opportunities provided by resources found both in internet platforms and libraries, there are lots of ways to describe and differentiate self-esteem and self-confidence briefly. 

Let us first discuss what self-esteem is. 


Self-esteem refers to the matter of trust. In short, it is an assessment of value.

To have low self-esteem while being confident and proud of ourselves in sports, academics, work, life stability, and other else is possible.

One example of that is an athlete who confidently trusts his skills and experience in the sports field but has low self-esteem when it comes to academics and class discussion. 

Also, self-esteem comes in certain areas or fields. Since no one is made perfect, each one of us has our master field where we excel and grow successfully.

This is where the concept of self-esteem enters the scene. Moreover, here are some tips on how to maintain self-esteem. 

Be Patient

The first tip is to be patient. We need to be patient in dealing with things we have in life. We need to learn how to wait, as well as how to meddle with time properly.

We can also use the time to enrich and empower ourselves to be better.

Keep practicing and training so that when the right time comes, we are ready to show the best we have. 

Be Flexible

Another tip is to be flexible. We need to be flexible in the way we deal with life. This flexibility includes the way we use our time, resources, and support from people.

When this is applied, we can move forward and boost our self-esteem. 

Be Positive 

Lastly, we need to be positive. Having a positive outlook in life can significantly help in boosting our self-esteem. Positivity can inspire and push us to strive harder.

It can bring up a vibe that can push us to do our very best at all times. 


On the other hand, we also have self-confidence. This concept also has its description and field that differs from self-esteem.

We tend to compare these two at all times, but what we don’t know is that self-confidence has its highlight. 

Self-confidence refers to the trust we have in our self.

When we say confident, it means that we are proud and that we trust ourselves in a specific field. For example, we are proud of our skills when it comes to solving math problems and being analytical. 

The confidence we have in this field is so beneficial that it made it easier for us to solve math exams and entrance exams.

With this also, we can experience being a representative of our schools for competition. Isn’t it just great? 

Here are some tips for maintaining self-confidence. 

Read and Learn 

The very first tip is to read and learn. Self-confidence is gained when we have the expertise in the field we chose to excel in.

By continuously reading and learning, we are enabling ourselves to reach more destinations and to think always outside our comfort zone. 

Get Inspiration 

Next is by getting inspiration. Our inspiration can be anything such as our self, family, loved ones, pets, things, place, goal, and so much more.

Our motivation can push us to do always outside our limits and for us to never stop in keeping progress. 

Be Humble 

Lastly, we need to be humble. Being too confident about ourselves and our achievements will not bring any good outcome.

Learn to be humble and share our blessings with other people. 

Above all, self-confidence and self-esteem are two distant concepts that have their uniqueness and characteristics.

However, despite these differences, we must learn how to possess both of these, for it can help us achieve more in life.